Welcome to R G Kar Medical College Appeal Fund

RG Kar Appeal Fund is a charitable organisation established in 1995 by a small group of ex RG Kar ites based in UK. This group proposes to assist current medical and nursisng students in Kolkata and improve educational standards by informing ,health promotion, assisting research activity and providing scholarship to meritoreous but needy students.

About us

We are a group of dedicated medics and non medics who are keen to serve our alma mater in Kolkata. We have given ourselves a constitution to help us and guide our descendants to fulfil our aims. The main highlights of our constitution are as follows :

What we do

We run a variety of programmes and projects to help the medical and nursing students in Kolkata. Here are a few of them

What you can do

Like any other charity we are always looking for more enthusiastic and dedicated memebers who can identify with our aims and goals.