Our Team

Dr D K Banerjee
General Secretary, Founder
Dr DK Banerjee, a GP based in Wrexham (North Wales) is a founder member of RG Kar Appeal Fund. He has an extensive medical experience having worked in various medical institutions in UK and India. He also works as a priest and community leader for the local Hindu community.

Dr Mrs Sipra Banerjee
Trustee, Founder
Dr Sipra Banerjee is also a founder member of the organisation. She works as a GP in North Wales and is the trustee of the organisation.

Dr. Mrs. Swapna Ghosh
Dr Ghosh is a renowned pathologist in the Birmingham area and tirelessly supports the organisation.

Mrs Paula Singh
A new generation clinical biochemist, Paula is actively involved in the research and clinical audit activity promoted by the organisation.

Miss Shramana Mitul Banerjee
Trustee, Scientific Secretary
A young and budding surgeon Ms Banerjee is the scientific secretary and trustee of the organisation. She currently works as a senior Clinical fellow and Lecturer at UCL, London.

Mrs Willow Williams
Mrs Willow Willams is an active supporter of the organisation.

Mrs Tarunima Das
Mrs Tarunima Das is a trustee of the organisation and actively involved in its various activities.

Dr. Raja Dandapat
Dr Dandapat a.k.a "Elvis" is a driving force behind the organisation. He is the Chairman of RG Kar Appeal fund and a GP in London area.

Mrs Anjali Sikdar
Trustee, Treasurer
A trustee and treasurer of RG Kar Appeal fund she is keenly associated with the health promotion and disease prevention aspect of the organisation.

Dipika Dandapat
Mrs Dipika Dandapat is an active member of the organisation who is keenly interested in the development of the nursing students.

Dr Shibani Basu
Dr Shibani Basu, a retired GP is an active supporter of this organisation. now ex-office bearer she and her husband Dr Samyajit Basu(now passed away )has been actively involved in the organisation.