What we do

We run a variety of programmes and projects to help the medical and nursing students in Kolkata. Here are a few of them

Scholarship Programmes  : Till date 16 young and meritoreous students from poor backgrounds have been supported throughout their medical career till they become financialy independent.

Hepatitis B vaccination programme:  We have vaccinated 900 medical and nursing students over the years against the dreaded Hepatitis B virus. Each dose costs roughly Rs 900 which is often oustide what many of these poor students can afford.​
Clean drinking water programme : M​ultiple Aquaguard  machines  have been installed around various medical and nursing colleges to give free access to clean and safe drinking water preventing infectious diseases.
Book Fund : We have donated funds and internatonal journals to the various medical college libraries  to augment the educational standards of medical and nursing students.  ​
Diabetic Project :   We have actively taken part over the years to educate the local doctors and help them implement the current guidelines when it comes to management of Diabetes which poses a huge disease burden in the developing countries.