About us

We are a group of dedicated medics and non medics who are keen to serve our alma mater in Kolkata. We have given ourselves a constitution to help us and guide our descendants to fulfil our aims. The main highlights of our constitution are as follows :


Objectives & Role

  1. To discuss different issues and needs raised in each college from medical education and training, including nurses and paramedics.
  2. To develop local projects, which are not going to be funded from Department of Health and extra resources needed.
  3. To comply with the constitution of R G Kar Medical College Appeal Fund (UK) basic principles; to help and promote education, training and research locally, enclosed Charity Commission document details.
  4. To improve facilities for the most under privileged and disadvantaged students, men and women.
  5. To establish communication with present students and promote their participation in organisation of training for positive health.
  6. To communicate with ex-students of the college including ex-nursing students and encourage their participation for the future progress of the college.
  7. Representative from each college student union will take the message for their members.
  8. Representative from each college ex- student association, will be responsible to bring in issues and take messages for their members.
  9. To communicate with Principal of each college for the activities and ask for their support and approval.
  10. To communicate and send report to Department of Health and Finance of the activities and ask for their approval in advance, in appropriate situation.
  11. To keep expenditure within budget for the year.

Composition of Central Co-ordination Committee, Kolkata

  1. DMRE - Government of West Bengal - Chairperson
  2. Deputy from Finance Department, West Bengal - Member
  3. President/Secretary of Ex-students Association - R G Kar
  4. President/Secretary of Ex-students Association - NRS
  5. President/Secretary of Ex-students Association - Medical College
  6. President/Secretary of Ex-students Association - National Medical
  7. President/Secretary of Ex-students Association - IPGM&R
  8. President/Secretary of Student Union - R G Kar Medical
  9. President/Secretary of Student Union - NRS Medical
  10. President/Secretary of Student Union - National Medical
  11. President/Secretary of Student Union - Medical College
  12. President/Secretary of Student Union - IPGM&R
  13. Three representatives from Appeal Fund (UK) - Nominated
  14. President/Chairman of R G Kar Medical College - Appeal Fund (UK)
  15. General Secretary of R G Kar Medical College Appeal Fund (UK)  
  16. Liasion Officer, Appeal Fund (UK) - as official - Secretary of the committee
  17. Representative nursing tutor or deputy - R G Kar Medical
  18. Representative nursing tutor or deputy - National Medical
  19. Convener of the committee - selected by Appeal Fund (UK)
  20. Representative of principle of the medical colleges of Kolkata  

Representatives from UK Appeal Fund

  1. Professor Biswanath Mukherjee - Paediatric Consultant NRS (convenor)
  2. Dr Goutam Mukherjee
  3. Dr Partha Pradhan
  4. Trustee/Member of Appeal Fund UK
  5. Secretary local liaison officer

Number of meetings in one financial year - up to three.

Finance - The cost of meetings and administrative costs will be the responsibility of Appeal Fund (UK). In future, if the fund is available, the travel expenses and honorarium will be considered for members.

Function of the committee

The central co-ordination committee will hold meetings at least three times a year with the help of the convener and liaison officer.
The venue for the meeting will be decided by the committee and is to be rotated in each of the colleges.
The secretary (liaison officer) of the committee will arrange for the recording of the minutes and keep a link with the UK appeal fund committee. The committee will act within the objectives of the constitution.

Change of constitution
The committee will not have any power to change the constitution but they can recommend to the appeal fund committee UK for any amendments or change, for the benefit of the local activities. The appeal fund (UK) will take the final decision.

Published by the Trustees of the R.G.Kar Medical College Appeal Fund UK
Registered Charity Number 1078195